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14th - 17th of march 2024.

NNfoto photography arrives to Udine, and will be taking pictures in Göteborg area. You are welcome to make appointments for family, maternity or portrait sessions.


I assembled the photographer packages so that everyone can find the one that suits them. However, if you feel you want something different, please write to me!





  • 1 hour long photoshoot 

  • Change of clothes

  • 25 digital images
    (high resolution, ready for print)

  • 1.5 hour long photoshoot 

  • Change of clothes

  • 45 digital images (high resolution, ready for print)

  • 25 retouched digital images
    (high resolution, ready for print) 

  • 1.5 hour long photoshoot 

  • Change of clothes

  • 75 digital images (high resolution, ready for print)

  • 25 retouched digital images
    (high resolution, ready for print) 

  • Printed album (20x20 cm) 



What do you need to know about FAMILY photography?

The photo shoot takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. Family photography takes place outdoors or at your home. We meet at the agreed location, introduce ourselves, talk a bit,  and warm up. We also discuss in advance the theme around which we will build the photoshoot. Depending on this, it is worth buying the clothes and accessories.

How should you prepare?

If possible, let the children eat and drink before the photo shoot, if possible, choose a time that does not conflict with the children's sleeping time. Do not eat chocolate or greasy things during the photoshoot, because we can wipe it off their mouths, but it can leave marks on their clothes and teeth. After the photo shoot, a delicious bite would be nice anyway, let's leave these for then.

What should I wear for the FAMILY photo shoot?

It looks very good in the picture, if th clothes of the family are fit together. During the FAMILY photoshoot, you have the opportunity to change clothes, so you can bring a more relaxed and elegant outfit, or even a funny ensemble, or you can come in the colors and jersey of your favorite team. If you have absolutely no idea what to wear, you should look around HERE.

What are the conditions for a photoshoot at your home?

The only important condition is that there should be at least one room with a large window and natural light coming in (it is not covered by a tree or the neighboring house). If you have a larger yard that is also bright, we can take photos there as well.


How  should I prepare for a photoshoot at home?

The essence of lifestyle photography is that I capture you in your own environment, so no special preparation is needed.  If you want to see some activity in the photos - e.g. Baking cookies or playing with your pets, walking the dog - then you should prepare for that. But I am happy to photograph a morning with the family, even starting with breakfast together.

Should be perfect tydiness and cleanliness at home?

NO! Many people are afraid of taking photos at home because they think that they have to pack and clean for a week before. During the photo shoot, I will primarily focus on you and your family, not on the environment.


When will we get the pictures?

I will select the photos, upload them to a webgallery and send you the link for this gallery by email approx. with 2 weeks. From this gallery, you can select the images you want to order. After you have placed the order, I will develop and retouch the images and send you the link from which you can download the photos. I will also deliver the images in high resolution (you can develop and print them) and optimized for the Internet.

When do we have to pay?

When booking the photoshoot, I request 100 euros, with the first half payable on the day of the photoshoot and the second half upon delivery of the photos.

What does photo retouching mean?

I only retouch family photos to a minimal extent. I retouch the very noticeable and disturbing skin defects and wounds, adjust the colors and contrast a little, but the main thing is that the image has a natural effect.

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